Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children

“Teaching children skills such as active listening, self-awareness and empathy can equip them to succeed both academically and socially”.

Emotional intelligence is an important aspect of children’s lives during their growing up years.

Emotional intelligence can be said to cover five main areas:

  •          Self-awareness
  •          Emotional control
  •          Self-motivation
  •          Empathy and
  •          Relationship skills.

It is important to have good communication with other children and inculcate better learning, friendships, academic success and employment. Skills such as these when developed in the formative years at school often provide the foundation for future habits later on in life.

Interpersonal skills can be enhanced by helping students increase their emotion vocabulary. For instance, encouraging students to understand the difference between “sad”, “disappointed” and “upset” is essential to develop appropriate strategies for each. In short, every emotion word you learn is a new tool for future emotional intelligence.

Helping students improve their self-regulation – the ability to manage thoughts and feelings – is one of the most effective and efficient ways to support them and make them strike a balance with respect to their emotional well being.
Radcliffe school teaches children to develop emotional intelligence. The festivals celebrated and the events organised in the school are instances when we see emotional intelligence of our children displayed. They share and care, show empathy and patience and help each other in their times of need.

Encouraging children to understand the difference between “sad”, “disappointed” and “upset”

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Radcliffe School – upholding Holistic Development of a Child!

“All teaching and intellectual learning come about from already existing knowledge” – Aristotle

Knowledge and learning go parallel. Knowledge without an urge to learn and subsequently to imbibe the learning remains futile. Around this premise, we have woven our academics very sensitively. The aim of which is the holistic development of the child. Not just the cognitive skills but the emotional and spiritual aspect also needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Moreover, since happiness is the essence of human life and existence, our school imparts child-centric learning with the aim to enhance the Happiness Quotient (HQ) of a child.

We strongly believe in imparting Samskar (value education) with the purpose of nurturing well-groomed individuals who cannot understand the essence of these values but also know to adopt them throughout their lives.

Besides we are known for our innovative teaching methods which make day to day teaching-learning enjoyable and meaningful for the children. Monotony is broken while adopting different teaching methods such as integrated learning, experiential learning, and collaborative learning, peer teaching-learning and sensory learning methods.

We also impart life skills which are essential for the growth and development of a child. Life skills are weaved in the curriculum with interesting activities honing certain skills in them such as how to think creatively, how to arrive at taking decisions, how to develop a critical bent of mind,  how to resolve problems and issues in the day-to-day life. In the growing up age, children become so dependent on parents and teachers that they become averse to these essential life skills which will go a long way to make them independent and boost their confidence levels. We create situations in everyday learning which not only makes them learn life skills but they get to know how and when to use these skills.

The one individual who shapes the lives of children is the educator. Our teachers are given timely training which equips them to enhance their learning and experiences involving children. With this aim, we have started a Teacher’s Training Centre.

Above is the essence of our school and we are proud of being the torchbearers of learning!

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Radcliffe School Dighi Annual Day Function!

On 19th January 2017, Students of Radcliffe School Dighi celebrated Annual Day Function with great enthusiasm and zeal. The entire school participated wholeheartedly towards making the event a grand success.
 The Panel of Dignitaries who graced the occasion and performed the ceremonial Lamp Lighting were Shri Suresh Misal, PCMC Cluster Head (Charoli &Moshi), Nitin (Appa Kalje)Corporator Ward No.3, Vinaya Tapkir, Corporator Ward No . 3, Sandhya Tapkir, Corporator Ward No.3, School Principal Ms Anita Nair and Vice Principal Ms Sukhvinder Multani.
The theme for the Annual Day was ‘ Rutu-Tarang’ showcasing an amalgamation of Seasons. The entire event was presented meticulously by students from pre-school to grade VIII in the form of dances and skit. The journey show cased four seasons and the festivals celebrated during each season in the country.  The students of pre-school depicted the season of monsoon by a colourful display of festivals celebrated during this season such as Ganesh Chaturthi and dances highlighting the emotions of happiness and joy.
The festivals highlighted in sync with the seasons were; Baisakhi, Durga puja, Maha Shivratri, Holi, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day and Shivaji Jayanti.
The Annual Report of the school was presented by the Principal Ms Anita Nair. This included the achievements of the school since its inception and also highlighted the mile stones achieved during the academic session. The chief guest presented awards to the meritorious children who stood first in the academic year 2017-18.
Towards the end, the grand finale displayed a synthesis of all the seasons as ‘Rutu-Sangam’

Finally, the Vote of Thanks was delivered by the Vice Principal Ms Sukhvinder Multani. She acknowledged the efforts of the Students, Teachers, and Supporting Staff and thanked the esteemed guests for their precious time and presence. This was followed by the National Anthem as a tribute to our nation.
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Pink Day!

The children of Pre-Primary section celebrated Pink day on 30-11-2018. Pink Color signifies love, beauty and kindness. The day was celebrated to acquaint the little ones with the concept of pink color. They were also told that pink color is formed by mixing Red and White color. All the teachers and children were dressed up in pink color. The young ones looked charismatic in their pink attire. The soft board and the classrooms were beautifully decorated with Pink color objects. There was a special assembly which started with the school prayer followed by the pledge. Then the children of Buds and Blossoms gave wonderful speeches on “I love my mother”. Our t
eachers performed a small dance on song “Maa”. The assembly ended with the National Anthem.
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Tiny tots of Radcliffe School gave a mind-blowing performance in the Kharghar Fest – A Socio cultural Mega Event conducted by Kharghar Women’s Association.  Little Radcliffians danced for a patriotic number and entertained the awe-struck audience. The boys kept the audience on their toes as they could barely keep to their seats.  The performance ended with loud whistles and applauses all around. Kudos to the young dancers for maintaining high energy levels till the last refrain of the song. Regional Head & Principal Mrs. Swati Mukherjee congratulated the tiny tots, Dance faculty Ms. Tapasya Vinod and thanked the Marketing team for giving the platform for the little soldiers.
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Children and stories are made for each other. Stories are often used as a medium to ingrain values, improving reading skills and opening the minds of children to worlds beyond imagination.

Story Telling Competition was held for students of Grade III to V on 30.11.2018 at Radcliffe School, Kharghar. Participants narrated the stories from Aesop’s Fables, Panchatantra, Akbar and Birbal. To captivate the attention of audience and make the story interesting, they used props like puppets, charts and real objects. The participants made effective use of facial expressions, gestures and voice modulation. The event ended with Principal ma’am emphasizing on diction and correct pronunciation to take the performance to a higher level.
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Students of Radcliffe School participated enthusiastically in the Behtar India Campaign by bringing in newspaper & old books which will be recycled. BEHTAR INDIA is a social innovation that rallies to get different segments of the society together to work towards making their cities cleaner, greener
and healthier. 
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