Pink Day!

The children of Pre-Primary section celebrated Pink day on 30-11-2018. Pink Color signifies love, beauty and kindness. The day was celebrated to acquaint the little ones with the concept of pink color. They were also told that pink color is formed by mixing Red and White color. All the teachers and children were dressed up in pink color. The young ones looked charismatic in their pink attire. The soft board and the classrooms were beautifully decorated with Pink color objects. There was a special assembly which started with the school prayer followed by the pledge. Then the children of Buds and Blossoms gave wonderful speeches on “I love my mother”. Our t
eachers performed a small dance on song “Maa”. The assembly ended with the National Anthem.
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Tiny tots of Radcliffe School gave a mind-blowing performance in the Kharghar Fest – A Socio cultural Mega Event conducted by Kharghar Women’s Association.  Little Radcliffians danced for a patriotic number and entertained the awe-struck audience. The boys kept the audience on their toes as they could barely keep to their seats.  The performance ended with loud whistles and applauses all around. Kudos to the young dancers for maintaining high energy levels till the last refrain of the song. Regional Head & Principal Mrs. Swati Mukherjee congratulated the tiny tots, Dance faculty Ms. Tapasya Vinod and thanked the Marketing team for giving the platform for the little soldiers.
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Children and stories are made for each other. Stories are often used as a medium to ingrain values, improving reading skills and opening the minds of children to worlds beyond imagination.

Story Telling Competition was held for students of Grade III to V on 30.11.2018 at Radcliffe School, Kharghar. Participants narrated the stories from Aesop’s Fables, Panchatantra, Akbar and Birbal. To captivate the attention of audience and make the story interesting, they used props like puppets, charts and real objects. The participants made effective use of facial expressions, gestures and voice modulation. The event ended with Principal ma’am emphasizing on diction and correct pronunciation to take the performance to a higher level.
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Students of Radcliffe School participated enthusiastically in the Behtar India Campaign by bringing in newspaper & old books which will be recycled. BEHTAR INDIA is a social innovation that rallies to get different segments of the society together to work towards making their cities cleaner, greener
and healthier. 
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Cake Decoration Workshop!

It is rightly said that "A workshop is the perfect environment to try out techniques".
A cake decoration workshop for beginner's parents, teachers and students was organized at Radcliffe School Jaipur dt. 01.12.2018. It was successful in true spirit and we love this beginner’s course because everyone gained so much in just one day. The fantastic students brought a wonderful ‘attitude to learning’ to the class.
The simplified techniques of: covering a board, covering a cake and decorating your cake were demonstrated by Mrs. Akanksha Dwivedi (teacher). She encouraged all to bring their own style to the cake and therefore giving lots of options t experiment with the personalized cakes.

 The day was made memorable by c
elebrating Aman’s birthday (student    of 7th class).
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At Radcliffe School, Jaipur an activity of Maths “Shapes” was organized dt. 01.12.2018. Students learnt and recognized the different shapes. Th
ey had lots of fun creating pictures with shapes.
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“Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all” – Hans Christian Andersen.
To enhance the confidence and speaking skills of the students, Radcliffe School Dighi, organized an English Story Telling Competition on Monday 26/11/2018, for the students of Grade I to V. Students participated from all the five classes. This event was conducted in front of all the other students in assembly hall, in presence of all teachers and two judges.
The students narrated moral based stories. These young story teller’s used a variety of prop’s to make their stories interesting and expressive. Each story concluded with moral highlighting different values of life.

Enthusiasm and passion of the students were also witnessed by the teachers and judges.
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