Independence Day Celebration Navi Mumbai

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Radcliffe Students celebrated 70th Independence Day with great zeal and vigour. Flag hoisting was done by Principal followed by National Anthem. Investiture Ceremony was an integral part of the day. It is the most important event of any school. It is here that we entrust faith and hope in our newly appointed school council. Every student who obtained leadership role feels proud and responsible citizen. The celebration on that very day makes every child who is elected as leader feel proud as well as sense of responsibility to be leaders in making for tomorrow.

It was a proud moment for 21 elected members to stand as leaders before their fellow mates. Badges are pinned by the dignitaries and House Mistresses to all the elected Members.
The Principal led them to the oath taking ceremony and enabled the leaders, realize their responsibilities. A patriotic group song was also presented followed by distribution of Certificates to winners of CCA Competition. The day ended with chocolate distribution to children.

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