Dream valley trip from Hyderabad campus

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Radcliffe School is encouraging to continue to learn, and to improve their capacity to serve as effective educators. As a part of their curriculum school organized a recreational trip for students this year to Dream Valley Resort. It was an exciting and rewarding journey for all.
We started at 9 am in the morning. The students were extremely excited to reach the destination. All the students kept singing songs in the bus till they reached the venue.
Students were welcomed by the people with aerated drinks. Students were amused the entrance which was full of greenery and the water slides. After that they changed themselves in to swimming costumes and started to get in to the pools. The next event was the Rain Dance, where the different Bollywood tunes were frolicked. All students danced on the floor with great energy on the thumping dance numbers. Even the teachers shook a leg along with the students. After a tiring and fun packed morning, we all headed for lunch. The dining hall, filled with the fragrance of Rajasthani food triggered our hunger and we all relished the typical south Indian food. Later the students were allowed to play in the water rides which was remarkable.
All the students expressed a desire to revisit the place with their friends. Some also mentioned that though they had been to this place with their family, they enjoyed coming with their friends the most. A great day for all the students and teachers as well, as it strengthened the bond between the students and their teachers.

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