Fruits day celebration at Hyderabad campus

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With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of fruits in regular diet. The young stars of Radcliffe preprimary have celebrated Fruit day on 06-04-2018 (Friday).Teachers have narrated simple stories and encouraged children to have fruits in their meals. The Teachers also explained the intake in diet for physical and mental growth. The tiny tots also learned the taste, smell , color and texture of fruits.
Teachers urged children to eat more fruits with every meal. To explain to the children uses of various fruits, they were made to dress and enact the role of a fruit and kids were engaged in an activity of a Riddle game. Each student brought one variety of fruit that was first displayed and then cut to make a fruit salad by our little chefs wearing chef hats.
The whole day was filled with hordes of learning and the delicious salad
Was served to the kiddles.

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