Food Processing and Catering Management-Ulwe

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On 21 April ,2018 a Food Processing and Catering Management Workshop was held in Radcliffe School, Ulwe for Grades I-IX.There were many lip smacking dishes prepared by students – across spicy snack ideas - sandwiches, dahi-puri, sprouts chaat,  bhel-puri and on the go refreshing beverages like jaljeera, lemonade, milk shakes and yummy desserts like custards and puddings. Students demonstrated live preparation of dishes from start to finish in groups, in pairs and solo. They were also taught to present and serve the dishes.The students were also told how they can replace the ingredients with the ones available at home. They were motivated to try their hands in cooking different dishes at home in the upcoming summer vacations. Apart from making them confident and independent, the workshop aimed to offer inspiration and innovation.

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