Report on Fun Game and Chess Competition

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“A sound mind resides in sound body “with the aim of enhancing the agility of mind and body, our Radcliffe School Dighi, had organized Fun Game and Chess competition for Grade – I to VIII on 25th October 2018. It is important for student to be interactive with each other through games. It is very simple way to motivate and encourage them to be creative and to draw their imagination. Through these games they get out of their seats and take active part in the competition.
The first game which was held for Grade – I to IV was “Collecting of Fruits”. Students were very enthusiastic and ready to play. This was the game of being quick and smart and collects as many fruits as you can for your house.
The second game held was “The Dog and Bone”. Students were grouped according to their houses. The group was split in two with one group on each side of the playing area along a line. The game began by placing the ball in the middle of playing area. The instructor gave instructions to the players that team which is opposite must try to get the bone before the other one. In Chess competition there were three rounds in the tournament. Each house member competed with all other houses.

In this way each house took active participation in the game. 

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