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The premises of Radcliffe School Kharghar Navi Mumbai was bubbling up with a spirit of argument- logically valid and justifications all set to pounce on the opposition. have guessed it right!!! It was Inter-house Debate Competition on 25th and 26th October 2018. Probably this was the best way to fathom the young learners' knowledge. Indeed, it was the need of the hour.
Participants were all set to see the winning smile and they were booming with confidence for their own respective ‘Houses' viz Corbett, Edison, Teresa and Lincoln. The desired topics were: Science- boon or curse; Internet- its uses and abuses; Digital detox. Each house was represented by two members and one Intervener. Corbett and Edison were the two ‘Houses' in favour of their respective topics whereas Teresa and Lincoln were prepared with their strong arguments, against the motion.

Students as audience were full of enthusiasm and curiosity- all eager to witness their representatives argue on the burning topics of today. Young audience looked very determined and disciplined – awesome attribute !!! The judges were from the Department of English- all set for the show. The Intervener's cross questions were praiseworthy and it was a treat to witness the young students answering with confidence and a sp
irit to counter- attack.....ah !! simply spellbound!!!

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