About Us


Success doesn’t mean the absence of failure it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means the progressive attainment of worthy goals and this is the philosophy statement of a brand called Radcliffe. Radcliffe in true sense is an infant prodigy. Since its inception in 2009, within four year it has spread in 21 cities in India. The core purpose of Radcliffe is an uncompromising commitment to achieve specific, measurable, observable and quantifiable results which include.
  • All students will show academic growth to their full potential in all areas.
  • All students will develop and show appropriate use of tools and skills to become life-long learners, critical thinkers, and positive contributors to society.
  • All students will develop the qualities of character necessary to contribute to a safe, community-minded environment.
  • Radcliffe nurtures the students without of any discrimination of colour caste and creed. It is also not discriminating students in to the basis of Social or economical background. All Schools are Co-Ed in nature.


To Provide accessible, affordable and contemporary education with a deep-rooted value system.


To Stimulate and nurture young minds which strives for excellence through active learning. To enable children to become thinking, sensitive and respectful global citizens with a progressive outlook.


  • Value for money – Quality services commensurate to the money charged.
  • Sustainable activities and educational Programme- Culture, Valuing employees, retention, recruitment, financial etc.
  • Effective Organisational efforts and output – Leadership, planning and policies, Organisational structure, Customer/regulatory services etc.
  • Smart and Clever Organisation and its people- Networking, Association, career path, Leadership development, innovation, continual improvement.
  • Caring Organisation and its people – Community participation and recognition, Scholarship, rewards, Staff development, CSR.